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Family-Friendly Buildings in Bangkok

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      Family-Friendly Apartments for Rent in Bangkok


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      Moving to Bangkok is always an exciting adventure! We often get asked questions like…



      Where do families live in Bangkok?
      What are the best Neighborhoods in Bangkok for Families?
      Which Apartments in Sukhumvit are popular for Families?


      Every family is unique and has special housing needs – Amazing Properties is here to help you in your search! In this blog post, we will cover a few aspects to consider when assessing an apartment or condo, as well as provide some valuable tips for getting the process underway.


      Where to start?

      Before beginning your search for a new property, make sure to set realistic expectations and establish clear preferences. This will help guide both you and your agent in the right direction so that only suitable properties are visited. As you continue looking around, these priorities may change; allowing for an even more tailored experience as time goes on!


      When searching for a Bangkok apartment, we suggest you begin with the location and then move on to the unit itself. Prioritizing your most critical requirements is key, such as how close it should be to particular schools or work, and whether there’s a BTS/ MRT station nearby. Most families will choose a property that is located between the workplace and the kids’ school.


      What types of facilities are you looking for in a building? Do you need a full kitchen including an oven and dishwasher? Do you prefer having access to a balcony? Are you looking for a Furnished or Unfurnished apartment? Do you have pets?


      Here are four essential aspects to consider when searching for an ideal family-friendly apartment in Bangkok?


      Size of your property



      When searching for a Bangkok condo to rent, the proximity to public transportation is an essential aspect of your decision. Do you need it close to a BTS/ MRT station or will you have a car, motorbike, or a driver?


      When making a housing decision for your family, you may prefer to be in close proximity to children’s schools. If this is the case with you, consider if being on a school bus route or near public transport will suffice depending on the age of your kids–older children can typically get around independently, but younger ones might require assistance going to and from.


      Exploring the vibrant neighborhoods of Bangkok? Our Neighborhood guide provides extensive information on each distinct area, helping you find the perfect area to stay.




      The beauty of residing in a Bangkok apartment or condo lies within the access to countless facilities – but, what amenities are essential for you and your family?


      As parents, having a family-friendly area or easy access to amenities is paramount. Parks, playgrounds, and swimming pools are all must-haves when it comes to creating an environment conducive for children where they can play games with friends, practice their sports skills, and breathe in some fresh air – all without wasting time stuck in traffic.


      Having these outdoor spaces close by makes life much more convenient for families who want the best possible experiences for their kids.


      You should also make sure your family will be safe. Does the condo have 24-hour security to ensure that no one can enter without consent? You should consider requesting keycard access for additional protection.


      Furthermore, inquire about fire alarms and safety protocols in case of an emergency. Having the assurance that your home is secure will give you and your loved ones peace of mind. On top of having security measures in place, some properties offer common areas such as kitchens and rooftop gardens with barbeques so you can host outdoor gatherings in style!



      When selecting an apartment, it is essential to ensure that the floor plan and amenities offered  meet your needs and preferences.


    • How many bedrooms do you need?
    • Do you need a maid’s room?
    • Are you looking for a Furnished or Unfurnished apartment?
    • Do you need a balcony?
    • Do you have any pets?


Additionally, is there sufficient storage space to accommodate all your clothing, toys, and equipment?


Most condos in new developments are small compared to the older-style apartments and have less storage space.



Finally, you must consider your budget – it’s important to ensure that you secure the best possible accommodations for your family without overspending.


With a real estate firm like Amazing Properties on your side, finding an apartment in Bangkok that meets all of your criteria is within reach and won’t break the bank! We have a wide selection of family-friendly apartments for rent in Bangkok.


Prior to renting, there are some important points you should take into consideration. For the rental process, your landlord may require two months deposit and the first month’s rent upfront. Additionally, be sure to ask about any utility bills, and other associated costs with the property that could include charges for WiFi or cable/satellite TV services.


Knowing all costs beforehand will ensure an informed decision-making process!


Family-Friendly Apartments for Rent in Bangkok

When you’re searching for your Family Friendly Building in Bangkok, there are a lot of things to consider. Fortunately, most new condo developments share many similar amenities and services, where they vary is in the details and finer touches.


To help find an ideal place that meets your family’s needs, here is a curated selection of Family Friendly Apartments in Bangkok.


Mayfair Garden Apartment

Mayfair Garden
Mayfair Garden

Mayfair Garden Apartment is a family-oriented complex nestled in Asoke, where lush greenery abounds. Out front lies an expansive grass field perfect for children to let their imaginations run wild, while inside its walls the building boasts both a fitness center and swimming pool. 24/7 security service alongside CCTV & keycard access provides peace of mind, while an outdoor playground, sauna & steam room completes this picture of paradise.


Room Types

  • 2-bedroom Apartment (Executive Suite), 158 Sqm
  • 3-bedroom Apartment (Family Suite), 220 Sqm
  • 3+1 bedroom Apartment (Business Suite), 240 Sqm
  • 3+1 bedroom Apartment (Executive Business Suite), 260 Sqm
  • 4-bedroom Apartment, (Penthouse Suite), 580 Sqm
Mayfair Garden 3 bedroom
Mayfair Garden 3 bedroom

 3-bedroom apartment 260 sqm in Mayfair Garden Apartment


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Phirom Garden Residence

Phirom Garden Residence
Phirom Garden Residence

Phirom Garden Residence situated in the enviable location between Sukhumvit Soi 41 and 39, Phirom Garden Residence offers easy access to BTS Phrom Phong, Benchasiri Park for an afternoon stroll or take advantage of the many shopping malls such as Emporium Shopping Mall and Bhiraj Tower at EmQuartier nearby. You’ll also find plenty of convenience with Tops Supermarket close by plus numerous places to dine and entertain yourself while having quick access to key financial & business areas too!


In 1986, this ambitious project was brought to fruition with two buildings standing 12 stories tall that encompassed 42 modern 3- and 4-bedroom apartments. To ensure a safe environment for occupants, 24/7 security is provided along with keycard access.


Plus, luxuries such as an outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, tennis court and children’s playground are available to residents of the building – creating a beautiful living space inside and out!


Room Types

  • 3-bedroom Apartment, 280 sqm
  • 4-bedroom Apartment, 320 sqm

Phirom Garden Residence

4-bedroom apartment in Phirom Gardens Residence


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Prasanmitr Thani Tower

Prasanmitr Thani Tower
Prasanmitr Thani Tower

Prasanmitr Thani Tower is a high-rise apartment Building located in the vibrant Asoke area. Completed in 2005, this pet-friendly building in Asoke features two majestic buildings with 30 floors and 120 units. Plus, there’s no need to worry about transport as it takes just 10 minutes on foot to reach both BTS Asoke and MRT Sukhumvit stations.


There are also countless office buildings, health land centers, Max Value supermarket, massages & restaurants within close proximity too – making Prasanmitr Thani Tower ideal for those who want convenient access to everything the city has to offer.


The building is constantly guarded for your protection and access is restricted to only those with keycards. In addition, you can take advantage of the following amenities: an expansive swimming pool, a fitness center filled with state-of-the-art equipment, a park so children can play safely outdoors, two tennis courts perfect for tennis enthusiasts or sports aficionados who enjoy competition – plus there’s even a dog park and squash court!


And don’t forget about the complimentary shuttle service that takes residents to the beginning of the street.



  • 2-bedroom Apartment, 190-195 Sqm
  • 3-bedroom Apartment, 220-250 Sqm
  • 4-bedroom Apartment, 350 Sqm
  • 5-bedroom Apartment, 600 Sqm
Prasanmitr Thani Tower 3 bedroom
Prasanmitr Thani Tower 3 bedroom

3-bedroom apartment for rent at Prasanmitr Thani Tower


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Hawaii Tower


Located in the bustling neighborhood of Asoke, Hawaii Tower is an older high-rise apartment building that features two buildings spanning 23 and 24 stories tall.


Constructed in 1994, this pet-friendly building in Asoke offers 60 apartments with 24/7 security and key card access. Plus, residents can take advantage of the amenities onsite such as a swimming pool, fitness center, outdoor playground, squash room, snooker room, and a table tennis area.


Hawaii Tower is conveniently located, at two minute walk to the nearest 7-11 and approximately 200 meters away from the BTS Asoke and MRT Sukhumvit.


It’s also close by Interchange 21, Jasmine City Building, Exchange Tower and Benjakitti Park.



Room Types

  • 2-bedroom Apartment, 280 Sqm
  • 3-bedroom Apartment, 330 Sqm
  • 4-bedroom Apartment, 420 Sqm

3-Bedroom apartment for rent Hawaii Tower


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Shama Ekamai (Ekkamai Gardens)

SHAMA Ekamai
SHAMA Ekamai

SHAMA Ekamai, formerly known as Ekamai Gardens, is a Pet-friendly building in Ekkamai area.


Constructed in 2007, this apartment building consists of two buildings with seven floors and in total 46 apartments – all pet friendly!


24-hour security and keycard access ensure safety while amenities such as swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, and fitness centers are available on the ground floor for your convenience.


With 46 apartments to select from, ranging in size from 160 sqm – 290 sqm and comprising three-bedroom, four-bedroom, duplex, and triplex configurations; you will find something ideal for your family.


All apartments come fully furnished with quality furnishings so that you can make yourself at home immediately upon arrival.


With its ideal location, Shama Ekamai is a 10-minute walk away from BTS Ekkamai, Gateway Ekkamai, BIG C Ekkamai and Parklane.


Room Types

  • Duplex 1 bedroom, 100 sqm
  • Triplex 3-bedroom, 160 sqm
  • 3-bedroom Apartment, 240 Sqm
  • 3-bedroom Apartment with maid room, 250 sqm
  • 3-bedroom with private garden, 240 sqm
  • 4-bedroom Apartment, 280 Sqm
  • 4-bedroom Apartment with maid room, 290 sqm
  • 4-bedroom Apartment with private garden, 290 Sqm
4 bedroom Shama Ekamai
4 bedroom Shama Ekamai

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Baan Jamjuree

Baan Jamjuree
Baan Jamjuree

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life with Baan Jamjuree. Surrounded by lush lawns, giant jamjuree trees, and greenery on all sides, you can feel the peace that comes from being close to nature while still in the most desirable area – Phrom Phong!


Completed in 2007, this 33-floor building offers 102 luxurious units equipped with 24-hour security and access via keycard.  The facilities are a covered swimming pool, fitness center, indoor children’s room, outdoor playground and a tennis court. What’s more?  A tuk-tuk take you straight to Emporium Mall, Phrom Phong BTS station or Villa supermarket!


The nearby area is packed with a myriad of restaurants, schools, spas and malls for your convenience. Emporium Shopping Mall, EmQuartier and the Benchasiri Park are only 15 minutes’ walk away!


Room Types

  • 2+1 bedroom Apartment, 145 sqm
  • 3+1 bedroom Apartment, 197-215 sqm
  • 4+1 bedroom Apartment, 370 Sqm
Baan Jamjuree 3+1 Bedroom
Baan Jamjuree 3+1 Bedroom

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Esmeralda Apartments

Esmeralda Apartments Sathorn
Esmeralda Apartments Sathorn

Esmeralda Apartments Sathorn is an idyllic pet-friendly Apartment Building in Sathorn. With two 12-story buildings that contain 69 apartments, this beautiful complex provides lush greenery, gardens and a play area for your children!


Furthermore, it’s conveniently located 15 minutes away from MRT Lumpini with 24/7 security surveillance and CCTV monitoring; there’s also a swimming pool, children’s playground, fitness center & even an exclusive dog garden – perfect for any animal lover or owner alike.


Room Types

  • 2-bedroom Apartment, 135-175 Sqm
  • 3-Bedroom Apartment 185-225 Sqm
3 Bedroom Esmeralda Apartments
3 Bedroom Esmeralda Apartments


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Family-Friendly Condos for Rent in Bangkok


Millennium Residence Bangkok

Millennium Residence Bangkok
Millennium Residence Bangkok

Discover the pinnacle of luxurious living at Millennium Residence Bangkok! This magnificent high-rise condominium building was built in 2009 by City Development Limited (CDL), and consists of four towers with 51 floors and a total of 604 units. Nestled in the Asoke area within 10 minutes walking distance from BTS Asoke and MRT Sukhumvit, it is secured round the clock via 24-hour security and keycard access.


For your convenience, Millennium Residence also features an extravagant 50-meter-long swimming pool as well as a fitness center, tennis court, children’s playground & jogging track – perfect for your family


Located in the vicinity you will find Australian School Sukhumvit 20, Max Valu Supermarket, Foodland Supermarket, a variety of eateries, Terminal 21 shopping mall, Exchange Tower and Interchange tower as well as Benjakitti Park.


Millennium Residence is a popular building where many families with children stay!


Room Types

  • 1-bedroom Condo, 68 Sqm
  • 2-bedroom Condo, 88-96 Sqm
  • 2+1 bedroom Condo, 127 Sqm
  • 3-bedroom Condo, 144-193 Sqm
  • 4-bedroom Condo, 244 Sqm
  • Penthouse, 322 Sqm
Millennium Residence Condominium
Millennium Residence Condominium

3-Bedroom condo for rent Millennium Residence Bangkok


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Royce Private Residences

Royce Private Residences
Royce Private Residences

Royce Private Residence, developed by Major Development, is a luxurious high-rise condominium located on Sukhumvit 31 that was completed in 2012.


The property consists of two magnificent buildings with 25 and 39 floors respectively; it offers 161 condominium units along with a spectacular British garden, fountains, giant chess boards, and 50-meter swimming pool for its residents to enjoy! To ensure the safety of those who live here 24/7 security is provided along with key card access.


Additionally the place comes equipped with excellent facilities such as a fitness center complete with state-of-the-art equipment, a children’s indoor and outdoor playground, a steam room and sauna.


With its prime location between Asoke and Phrom Phong, the Royce Private Residence is only a 10-minute walk from BTS Asoke and MRT Sukhumvit.


Plus, take advantage of the complimentary Shuttle Service for added convenience! Groceries are also within reach with Max Value Supermarket, Villa Supermarket, and Tops Supermarket nearby.


Room Types

  • 2-bedroom Condo, 111 Sqm
  • 3-bedroom Condo, 143-178 Sqm
  • 4-bedroom Condo, 252-355 Sqm
Royce Private Residences 3 Bedroom
Royce Private Residences 3 Bedroom


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Athenee Residence

Athenee Residence
Athenee Residence

Luxury and convenience meet at Athenee Residence, a 41-story condominium building developed by TCC Capital Land. This Luxury Condominium is located in the beginning of Soi Ruamrudee and was completed in 2008.


Comprising of 219 units, it is ideally located within 5 minutes’ walk from the BTS Ploenchit station – accessible both through its front entrance off Soi Ruam Rudee or back gate leading to Wireless Road – as well as a vast array of restaurants including Lyon French Restaurant, Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen, Pizza Massilia, Coffee Beans by Dao and La Monita.


Lumpini Park, a nature-filled oasis in the center of the city and much beloved by locals and tourists alike, is right around the corner.


Athenee Residence is located near the US Embassy in Bangkok and ensures your security with 24/7 surveillance services as well as keycard access.


Moreover, top-notch amenities such as two swimming pools (resort style & lap), an equipped fitness center, a children’s playground and sauna & steam rooms are all included!


Room Types

  • 2-bedroom Condo, 94-130 Sqm
  • 3-bedroom Condo, 178-222 Sqm
  • 4-bedroom Condo, 294-375 Sqm
4 bedroom Athenee Residence
4 bedroom Athenee Residence


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