Pet Friendly Condos and Apartments in Bangkok


Pet Friendly Apartments Bangkok
Pet Friendly Apartments Bangkok



Pet-Friendly Condos and Apartments in Bangkok


Are you searching for pet-friendly accommodation in Bangkok?


Find a wide range of pet-friendly apartments for rent in Bangkok on our website. We cover the Sukhumvit – Sathorn area and offer an extensive selection of pet-friendly buildings in Chidlom, Ploenchit, Nana, Asoke, Phrom Phong, Thonglor, Ekkamai, and Sathorn.


If you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment in Bangkok, you’ll find that each building has its own unique policies. Most of these buildings will limit the size, weight, and breed of dogs permitted on their premises. Furthermore, while some buildings are open to all types of pets, others might only accept cats, rabbits, or hamsters.


Before signing a lease or putting down any deposits, it is important to verify that the landlord themselves accepts pets in their property — even if pet-friendly policies are outlined in the condominium rules and regulations. Confirming this with your agent can help ensure you get exactly what you want without any unforeseen surprises later.


We advise against disguising a pet(s) from your landlord; if you’re caught, the landlord has the authority to terminate the lease right away while retaining your two-month security deposit. It is common for landlords or building management to request an additional pet security deposit to cover any risks associated with pets’ “misbehavior” in public spaces and property damages exceeding standard 2-month deposits.


Are you confused about the difference between an apartment and a condominium? It’s actually quite simple: in an apartment building, each unit is owned by one entity or person who sets rules and regulations for all units. On the other hand, condos are in residential buildings where every condo has its own owner.


A few tips


It’s important to begin your search for a pet-friendly home early since there are only a limited number of residences that allow pets. It’s possible that you may be competing with other pet owners for the same properties.


Please ask your agent if the property you are interested in is available and inquire if other units in the same residence are also open for viewing. It’s also recommended to provide your agent with details and photos of your pet as landlords and juristic offices frequently request them.


It is not advisable to keep your pet hidden from the landlord or the building management. If you are caught, they may ask you to leave right away and keep your security deposit.


To avoid conflict when moving out, carefully check the state of the property including walls, floors, marks, and furniture before moving in. If the landlord withholds your deposit to cover pet damage expenses, you have the right to request an assessment by a technician of your choice to determine if the repair costs are reasonable.


If your pets require an outdoor area of their own, you should choose a house. In case you have a big dog or multiple pets, it is recommended to rent a house/villa or a townhouse that will offer ample space for your furry friends to move around in the garden. Although houses are usually accommodating towards pets, it is subject to the landlord’s discretion.


Please find a selection of our pet-friendly buildings in Bangkok below.


Pet friendly Buildings Bangkok
Pet friendly Buildings Bangkok


Pet-Friendly Apartments in Bangkok


Pet friendly condos in Bangkok
Pet friendly condos in Bangkok


Pet-friendly condos in Bangkok


Luxury Pet Friendly Condos in Bangkok
Luxury Pet Friendly Condos in Bangkok


Luxury Pet-Friendly Condos in Bangkok



Cat Friendly apartments Bangkok
Cat Friendly apartments Bangkok


Cat-Friendly apartments in Bangkok


If you’re looking for a short-term apartment in Bangkok, why not consider one of our pet-friendly serviced apartments in Bangkok?


Pet-friendly serviced apartments in Chidlom


Pet-friendly serviced apartments in Ploenchit


Pet-friendly serviced apartments in Nana


Pet-friendly serviced apartments in Asoke


Pet-friendly serviced apartments in Phrom Phong


Pet-friendly serviced apartments in Thonglor


Pet-friendly serviced apartments in Ekkamai


Pet-friendly serviced apartments in Sathorn




Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the regulations when keeping a pet in a Bangkok condo or apartment?


Answer: When searching for a pet-friendly condominium or apartment, be aware that each property may have different rules and regulations. Most of the buildings will limit the size, weight, and breed of dogs permitted on their premises and ask for a photo. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask questions in order to fully comprehend the criteria so you can maximize your chances of getting your security deposit back.


Hereby are some Examples of building regulations:


  • Take care/ clean up your pet’s waste.
  • Only bring your pet to the designated area (park/ dog park) and don’t bring them to public areas like the playground, gym, lobby, and swimming pool.
  • Use a service elevator with your dog.
  • Always keep your pet on a leash when outside to ensure your pet is under control.


  • What will happen if you get caught bringing a pet into an apartment or a condo where pets are not allowed?

Answer: We advise against disguising a pet(s) from your landlord; if you’re caught, the landlord has the authority to terminate the lease immediately and to keep your two-month security deposit.


  • How does the property manager/ Landlord assess the damage caused by your pet?

Answer: Upon moving in a property, our agents take photos of already existing damages. When you vacate the property, your landlord will thoroughly inspect it for damage caused by any source. Normally they compare the photos of moving in vs moving out, normal wear and tear allowed.  Accordingly, you are responsible for remedying all deteriorations that occurred during your tenancy.


  • How to travel around in Bangkok with your pet?

Answer: If you’re in need of transporting a pet, ‘GrabPet’ and ‘Pet Taxi’ are two reliable services available to make your life easier.



When traveling with GrabPet, you have the choice of two types of vehicles. To ensure that your ride is fair and easily bookable, always check within the mobile application for exact pricing information.


With GrabPet S or M size pets measuring below 41 cm are allowed, but no more than 2 furry friends can join you in one vehicle at a time- plus only 2 passengers!


For those bringing larger breeds on board with them, Look to GrabPet XL where 1 L size pet (over 41 cm) OR up to two smaller animals (under 30.5 & 31 – 40.5cm respectively) will be accepted per vehicle; all while still allowing space for an extra passenger alongside their beloved canine companion(s).


Find all regulations Grab Pet XL


Pet Taxi in Bangkok

Pet Taxi by Noom
Phone: 087-7152665


Bangkok Pet Taxi

Line IDBangkokPetTaxi
Mobile064 160 2829
Email[email protected]
Official Website:


Sukhumvit Veterinarians and Thonglor Pet Hospital 


Sukhumvit Veterinarians WebsiteVisit
092-7101551/ 02-6627891
[email protected]


Thonglor Pet Hospital Website:





  • looking for an English-speaking veterinarian in Bangkok?

In Bangkok  you are able to find experienced and knowledgeable English-speaking veterinarians. Listed below are a few pet care centers located in the city’s key areas that can be trusted with your beloved pets.


Ari Pet Hospital 

LocationDirection – 1135 Phahonyothin Road, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400 (Immediately before Phaholyothin 5 Road) between Sanam Pao & Ari BTS stations)

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 08.00 AM – 06.00 PM | Sun – Closed
Tel02 271 3182
Email[email protected]
Official WebsiteLearn more


Thonglor International Pet Hospital 

LocationSukhumvit Branch Direction –  205/19-20 Soi Thonglor

(Between Soi 9 and 11), Sukhumvit 55 Road, North Klongton Subdistrict, Wattana District, Bangkok 10110

Opening Hours: Everyday 8AM – 8PM
Tel+662 079 9979


LocationRama 9 (HeadQuarter) Branch Direction –  80 Thanon Phet Phra Ram, Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310

Opening Hours: Everyday 24 Hours
Tel+662 079 9999
Email[email protected]
Official WebsiteLearn more


Charoensuk Animal Hospital

LocationDirection – 167 Soi Ekkamai 5, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Opening Hours: Everyday 24 Hours
Tel02 391 9707 , 02 391 6469
Email[email protected]
Facebook PageView now


Sukhumvit Veterinarians

LocationDirection – 10 Chong Lom Alley, Klongton-nua, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri  08.00AM – 09.00PM | Sun and Holiday 08.00AM – 07.00PM
Tel092 710 1551 , 02 662 7891
Email[email protected]
Official WebsiteLearn more



  • What are the estimated fees for veterinary services in Bangkok?

When deciding upon a vet in Bangkok, you’ll find that prices vary greatly depending on the type of clinic or hospital. Private clinics tend to be pricier yet they also provide shorter queues and faster service as well as cleaner facilities. If budget is an issue for you though, public hospitals may offer more reasonable rates – just bear in mind that these are usually far busier than private ones. Once you’ve weighed up both options, make your decision based on what’s most convenient for you: rest assured all veterinarians have the necessary expertise and qualifications to treat animals effectively!


When it comes to medical care for your pet, the average cost is determined by a variety of factors like species, breed, age, weight and size. The main factor that affects what you’ll pay however relates to the specific symptoms your furry friend is exhibiting – as different treatments or procedures can lead to expenses changing drastically.


Approximate prices are available for reference but always remember that exact costs may vary between veterinary hospitals and clinics; so make sure you get an accurate quote from each one before making any decisions about where to take your pet!





Amazing Properties Real Estate agency is an expert in finding pet-friendly accommodation in Bangkok. Contact us today and let us know your exact needs (How many bedrooms, Area, budget, dog breed etc) and our team will compile a list with suitable options and arrange a visit at your convenience.


Please check out our website with a great selection of pet friendly apartments in Bangkok


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