How to rent an apartment in Bangkok?

Rent apartment in Bangkok
Rent apartment in Bangkok

Wondering how our rental process works?  We’ve broken it down into five simple steps:


Step 1: Property Search & Viewings 

Step 2: Submit your offer and requests

Step 3: Pay the booking fee and draft up a rental agreement that details all relevant information regarding the tenancy term, rent amount, payment terms, etc..  

Step 4: Signing – this is when you physically move in!  Make sure to have valid identification ready at this stage so we can verify who will be living on the premises during the tenancy period.  

Step 5: Checkout – This is when you officially end your Tenancy Period and check out after having fulfilled all contractual requirements.


After you’ve found the apartment you like, it’s now time to make an offer and begin your journey of making it home!


  • Proposals and Requests

    What is an appealing offer?


    How much can you expect to haggle on the condo’s rent? It all depends – how long has this property been listed, what are your landlord’s terms and conditions, and when do you intend to move in? Generally speaking, landlords tend to be lenient with a few thousand Baht (depending on market trends).


    If you’re looking to score a better deal, here’s how: 


    move in quickly and get yourself on the lease for more than twelve months. Even better, pay all or part of your rent upfront—six or even twelve months at once! This approach will demonstrate that you are a capable, reliable, and trustworthy tenant who won’t damage the property. At this point, the landlord will evaluate and respond to any extra requests.


    Depending on the owner’s preferences, a range of demands can be considered, for example:

  • Swapping or replacing furniture items (sofa)
  • Repainting walls 
  • Provide electrical devices such as dishwashers, stoves, and washing machines. 


However, it is important to keep these requests at a minimum since they may impact your rental negotiations down the line


When your requests have been accepted and a rental price has been finalized, normally you’ll need to put down an amount of 1 month’s rent as a booking fee. This fee will be used as payment for the first month’s rent.

Making the Booking Fee payment demonstrates your commitment to renting the property. When this fee is given to the landlord, he/she will no longer advertise or promote it elsewhere. 


It’s important to note that the Booking Fee is non-refundable should you choose not to continue with leasing; in such a scenario, your deposit may be forfeited by the landlord since they missed out on another renter.


          1. Booking fee, draft rental agreement and Inventory List


        After you’ve paid the booking fee, our Property Agent will get started on drafting the rental agreement, taking photos of any damages, and preparing an inventory list.

        To complete this process, they’ll typically ask for:


          1. A copy of your passport and visa 
          2. A copy of your work permit


        Before signing a lease, it is essential to thoroughly review the rental agreement and make the required modifications.


      1. Signing/ Move-in


    Upon signing the rental agreement, the landlord will ask for a two-month security deposit. During move-in day, you’ll be able to review and confirm the inventory list along with any existing damages in conjunction with your agent and owner. Once everything is properly verified, you’ll receive all necessary documents such as:


  1. Signed copy of rental agreements/inventory list
  2. Copy of the landlord’s ID Card or passport 
  3. Landlord’s Bank account details
  4. Keys & access keycards.


      1. Tenancy and Checkout

When living in an apartment or condo, any maintenance issues during the tenancy can be handled by contacting the building management who usually have technicians and handymen ready to respond. After assessing the issue, you may then refer their suggestions to your rental agent or landlord for immediate resolution.


As your Rental Term ends, make sure to take out all of your personal items from the Unit. Additionally, it is wise to return the property in an orderly and well-kept condition, terminate any internet contracts that were established, and show proof of the latest payment for utilities.


Generally, your security deposit is refunded within 30-60 days. However, if the apartment has been damaged in any way, it may take longer for you to receive the funds back as landlords are often required to seek quotations from various contractors before determining how much money needs to be returned or withheld.


As you can see, the rental process is straightforward. If you still have any questions, our agents are available to clarify the rental process and guide you through it one more time so that everything is crystal clear!





When renting a property, it’s important to take note of the following:


You’ll need to put down an amount equal to three months’ rent when signing your agreement (including one month’s booking fee and two months as a security deposit)


  • Always obtain a copy of the draft rental agreement and inventory list before you sign so that you can review them carefully. 
  • If any maintenance issues arise during your tenancy, reach out either directly to the building management office or contact our agents for assistance. 
  • Your security deposit should be returned within 30-60 days provided that the unit is in good condition upon departure.


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