Benjakitti Park

Benjakitti Park, also known as Benchakitti Park, is a public park in the Asoke area, close to Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre MRT Station, Sukhumvit MRT Station and Asok BTS Station.

In 2004, the Benjakitti Park was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit in an act to honor her 72nd birthday. This park had been in operation since 1992, when she celebrated her 60th cycle and hence its name “Bejakitti” (5 cycles). At the opening of this beautiful landscape, Queen Sirikit graced us with a special gift by bestowing it with its namesake – “Benjakitti”.


The iconic “Pathumthani” symbol of Benjakitti Park stands near the pond, a 200×800-meter area created by digging and reclamation as part of Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun’s government project resolution. This plot was transformed into the picturesque park we enjoy today!

From December 1st to the 9th of 2014, this park hosted a theatrical performance set alongside an awe-inspiring display honoring King “The Phra Mahathat The Phenomenal Life Show” on its 100m long water stage. 

In addition to offering many recreational activities, such as biking and boating around the central lake area for exercise or leisurely enjoyment, bicycles and boats may also be rented in the park.


Expansion to Benjakitti Forest Park

In 2006, a remarkable 652-million baht project was brought to life in order to honor Queen Sirikit and celebrate her birthday – the Benjakitti Forest Park. This expansion of land granted by the Tobacco Monopoly made this park Bangkok’s first and only forest park, with an incredible size of 72 hectares. The construction of this new area meant that more people could come together and enjoy what it has to offer for years ahead!

Boasting elevated walkways, wetlands with rare plants and cycling paths, as well as a dog area and an outdoor amphitheater – this park is the perfect place to relax. 

Connecting Lumphini Park through its 1.3 km long pedestrian-friendly stride path & bike trail in the southwest corner of the facility’s perimeter; it opened fully in 2022 for everyone’s enjoyment!

Many Expat families like to live around Benjakitti Park, because of its central location, near to the business and shopping districts. The park itself is filled with greenery and public spaces, perfect for outdoor activities.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Benjakiti park?

Area72 hectares (180 acres)
Created9 December 2004
Operated byBangkok Metropolitan Administration

How long is Benjakitti Park?

Embark on a 1.8km journey around the path and take in its beauty—the whole trip will last you 40 minutes to an hour. Furthermore, if you’re feeling adventurous, rent yourselves some bicycles or even swan boats for your outing!


Is Benjakitti Park dog friendly?

No, it’s not dog friendly, however, there is a dog area in the Benjakitti Forest Park (Connected to Benjakitti Park) where you can walk your dog free of charge.


What time does Benjakitti Park open and close?

5 am to 9 pm (Daily)



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