Finding Homes in Bangkok: The Journey of a Self-Made Real Estate Entrepreneur in Bangkok

Amazing Properties Bangkok
Amazing Properties Bangkok


It started as nothing and suddenly it was everything. The real estate company Amazing Properties has the knowledge of being local as well as the experience of being new to Thailand.


“It all started with a short holiday to Thailand, where I fell in love with the country, its people, hospitality, and the weather”


Mr Gerwin van de Velde
Mr Gerwin van de Velde

It was the beginning of 2009, and Gerwin van de Velde wandered the streets of Bangkok looking for clients as a stranger. Not knowing anyone. Nothing but business cards and a map in his hand. Hoping that Bangkok could be his new home.


Gerwin van de Velde had just arrived as a certified real estate agent from the Netherlands and was trying to set up his Real Estate Business “Amazing Properties” in Bangkok.


Dividing his time between searching on Craigslist for potential renters and giving his name cards to every real estate owner he met. He saw the potential to turn this into something big.

“It was very tough in the beginning. I didn’t know how it would go, so I kept my house in the Netherlands just in case. But, I had to try”.



Old-school networking with a twist

”I wanted to stand out. Make sure that people remembered me, so I made gold-colored name cards with a scent” Mr. Gerwin says.


Amazing Property
Amazing Property



Today the business has been thriving in Bangkok for 15 years. Making sure people remember the company is still very important to Mr. Gerwin who now mainly handles the marketing side.


“Nowadays, the real estate industry in Bangkok has become highly competitive, with a growing influx of real estate agents joining the market on a daily basis,” Mr. Gerwin explains.


“Amazing Properties” have been present for a long time in the Bangkok real estate market. They pride themselves on their reputation being established through trust and loyalty from their customers, who continuously refer new clients to them.


“Our aim is always to secure the best deals for our clients. This upholds the value of honesty, ensuring that our clients are fully informed about any pertinent information, even if it may pose challenges in closing the sale.”


Amazing Property 



Still standing out today

In the beginning, Amazing Properties gladly accepted all kinds of properties that were brought to them. Today they are more selective on the properties they list, as they are primarily focused on the Sukhumvit & Sathorn areas.


One of their main passions is finding exactly what the client needs. They specialize in pet-friendly apartments, family-friendly apartments and commercial properties. They also offer the option of finding an apartment with specific features such as a private pool or garden.


Their customer base comprises multinational corporations, embassies, expat families, as well as local Thai individuals, many of whom are proud pet owners.


Amazing Property







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Creating a new home in a strange city

Mr. Gerwin consistently enhances the website with new features, making it effortless for renters and buyers to discover their ideal property.


“Everyone has different requirements and therefore we have implemented a refined search with a filter function to find your ideal home with ease”


From detailed floor plans to immersive 3D walkthroughs and captivating fly-through videos, they offer many tools to help customers envision their ideal living space. You also have the option to measure walls, making it easier for customers to plan and decorate their apartments with their furniture pieces.


Today, Mr. Gerwin van de Velde is no longer a stranger in this vibrant city. With his outstanding reputation at Amazing Properties, he has truly found his place. The Netherlands seems like a distant memory now, as he can’t imagine going back.


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By Lærke Kobberup