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Pet Friendly Buildings Bangkok

Pet Friendly Buildings Bangkok

Finding petfriendly condos & apartments for rent in Bangkok, can be a difficult task.

When searching for a petfriendly building in Bangkok, you will have 2 options to choose from. The first option is to rent a petfriendly apartment in Bangkok and the 2nd option is to rent a petfriendly condominium in Bangkok.

The difference is that an apartment building is owned by a single owner or entity and the rules and regulations apply for the entire building and each individual apartment, while in a condominium building you’ll have multiple different owners and a juristic person.

Firstly, the Building rules and regulations must state that the condominium building is petfriendly and secondly the individual condominium owner must confirm if they allow pets in their condominium unit.

In some buildings they allow pets, but the building may have some restrictions on: Type of Animal, Size and Breed.

It is always important to re-confirm following when renting a petfriendly apartment/ condo in Bangkok.

  • Check with Building management if the Building is Pet friendly and ask for their Pet policies
  • Check with the Condominium Owner if they accept pet(s) in their property, before paying a deposit.
  • Check if there are any restrictions clauses of having a Pet in the Lease agreement.

Some Apartment Buildings or Condominium owners may require an extra security deposit for accepting a pet in their property.


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