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About us

About us

Amazing Properties Co., Ltd was established in Bangkok in 2009.
Our goal was to build a successful Real Estate company based on ethics, honesty and personal service.

Our personalised service, which is tailored to meet the needs of individual clients, and our multilingual communication skills which include Thai, English and Dutch, ensure that we are able to fully understand our clients brief and requirements.

We believe that our flexible approach and our commitment to conducting our business in an professional manner at all times, combined with our in-depth experience of the Bangkok property market, make us the ideal real estate agent for people from all over the world who are interested in renting or buying a home in Thailand’s capital city.

Why us?

At Amazing Properties, we’re different!

The difference is experience, honesty and personal attention.

Since 2009, our business has experienced dynamic growth, and our success has been rewarded with a solid reputation for good results.

We are a unique combination of extensive experience, knowledge of the Bangkok property market, proactive way of working and experienced communication skills.

This combination leads to an understanding of our clients and landlords needs and results into an ever growing clientele! More by personal recommendation than through our own marketing efforts.


What do we do?

We can supply the entire relocation process from AtoZ.

When the client inquires about a house, condo or business premises- we will conduct a search, compile a suitable list of options, report to the client and then take them to the property showing them round, not just the property but the locale.

When the client is happy to proceed, we will negotiate with the owner or landlord and prepare the lease agreement or sales and purchase agreement.

Before you move in, we will inspect the property, make or check an inventory list and ensure that everything works. We also arrange a deep clean of the property together with cleaning the air conditioning.

We take photos of the full inventory, furniture, etc and point out any damage to the landlord, owners and client(s). These photos are then kept on file and send a copy to both the landlord and our client.

On the day of the move we will check everything together with both parties and ensure a smooth transition.

If and when there are any problems after occupation, we are always happy to assist and ensure that any problems are solved.

Our clients

We work for many major international clients in locating, sourcing and settling in the staff such as the International schools –

  • Bangkok Patana School
  • Berkeley International School
  • Andrews International School
  • NIST International School

And companies like PNG, Ikea, Diakrit, Man Trucks, Jotun, United Nations, Coca Cola, Max Valu, El Gaucho, too many to mention.

Marketing/ Advertising

If you want to stand out from the crowd, marketing is a very important tool. We are proud to say that we also receive a lot of word of mouth recommendation’s, which our clients tell us is the best advertising you can get!

To achieve wide exposure, we advertise with a couple of other property portals like: